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Get maximum privacy in your property

Don't leave your property open to unwanted intruders. Call Sutherland Fence to get a fence that will ensure maximum security, safety, or protection.  Trust in our over 35 years of experience to complete projects for local school districts, recreational facilities and community park.

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Affordable athletic field and park fences

  • Tennis court fences

  • Football field fences

  • Baseball field fences

  • Swimming pool fences

Secure your commercial property with a reliable fence

Browse through our website for more information about our reliable residential fencing services.

From a new fence on your commercial property to getting your old one repaired, turn to us for all your commercial fencing requirements. Get your fence repaired quickly and efficiently, whenever you use our services!

One-stop shop for all your commercial fencing needs

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Sutherland Fence 2013 Fencing services | Chatfield, MN
  • Security fences

  • Backstop fences

  • Construction fences

  • Barbed wire fences

  • Wrought iron fences

  • Commercial grade fences

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